Welcome to Technology 4 Seniors

Our Mission

Technology4Seniors is a website dedicated to providing “Do It Yourself” instructions on setting up and using technology for seniors and their family caregivers. 

This technology can be used by people of all ages, especially those with accessibility needs such as low vision, hearing loss and mobility issues.

Who we are:

We are a family of retired engineering and medical professionals with a strong interest in making known the availability of this technology and its practical application. 

We had a mother with Alzheimer's who lived independently until the age of 86. 

We have a 79-year-old fiercely independent friend who has lost 95% of her sight within the last year due to melanoma behind her left eye and who now has to learn to live independently without being able to see. 

We have a 93-year-old Aunt who lives alone, but loves the technology provided by Amazon Fire TV and security cameras. 

One of our team members recently lost his wife to a 7-year battle with Alzheimer’s.

Click here to see more of our client's stories.

Our product and app choices were based on ease of use.  Click here to see a list of the current products we have used.

We are dedicated to FREELY sharing the knowledge we have gained.  There are no costs to you in using this site.

How we do it:

We cover technology that may assist in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) focusing on convenience, memory loss and socialization.

The website is arranged in a "challenge" and "solution" type approach.

Detailed setup and usage videos are available on our YouTube channel.  Please leave comments and questions there.

Rather than just directing you to a YouTube channel with tens of videos to search through, we have organized this website into categories with links to the appropriate YouTube videos:

Vision-  products & apps that can assist in viewing objects and surroundings

Hearing- products & apps that can replace hearing or make hearing clearer

• Mobility- products & apps that can assist you in getting rides or reduce the need to travel

• Memory-  products &  apps that will give you verbal and/or audible reminders to take medications or get  ready for appointments

Safety- products & apps that help you call your family & friends and feel more secure in your surroundings 

Ease of use- products & apps make it easy to get weather and news as well as entertainment. Forget the hassle of managing many remotes for your TV, cable or satellite and media service

Staying in contact- products & apps to allow you to call friends and family without touching a phone or computer. Forget about the hassle of finding your phone, unlocking it and remembering to keep it charged.

Independence- how to provide remote technical  support & ADL monitoring for family members. Here is some information on how to reduce the stress on a remote family caregiver and their loved one