Visualizing objects


The Microsoft Apple Store app Seeing AI provides a verbal description of your nearby objects

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Visual Navigation


The Microsoft Apple Store app Soundscapes provides an audible feedback mechanism for walking

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Touch Screen for Echo Show


The Amazon Echo Show is mainly a voice activated device, but also offers a customizable touch screen option

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Entertainment and Communication

TV Devices


Most of our testing has been done using the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Our main reason for this choice was their ability to reduce the number of remotes needed as well as offering voice control for most features

Please note that the Amazon Fire TV type devices do NOT support video or audio calling

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Video Calling


In the video calling area, we have had good experiences using the Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot and Alexa app on mobile phones. Your loved one will be able to answer and create video calls just be using their voice. 

Its much easier to answer an Alexa incoming call by voice verses finding your iPhone and unlocking it... assuming it was charged

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Voice Calling


For voice calling, the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices  offer a low-cost way to perform hand-free calls.

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Beautyrest Sleeptracker


Originally marketed at people interested in tracking and improving their sleep, this can be used to remotely note changes in a loved one's sleep patterns.

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Withings Sleep


Similar to the Beautyrest Sleeptracker, this one monitors only one sleeper but provides a means to notify a remote family caregiver on bed exit during the night.

Refer to the Safety Section for detailed setup instructions on remote bed exit notifications.

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Security Cameras

Nest Camera


Nest cameras are the gold standard for wired outdoor cameras. Please note that they do require the use of a power adapter.

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Blink XT Camera


The Blink XT outdoor camera provides long life using two AA batteries and provides a good picture in a small form factor

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Ring Spotlight Camera


Ring battery powered cameras provide slots for 2 rechargeable batteries, a solar panel option and a spotlight. It also generates  a motion alert to Alexa

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Fall mitigation

Fall Detection


Walabot Home is a fall detection device that does NOT require the wearing of anything‚Ķ no pendant or watch! It can detect falls even through the shower glass and calls a designated contact. 

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Lighting your way


Although there are many battery powered nightlights on the market, Mr. Beams MB530 distinguishes itself be offering extremely long life through use of 3 "C" batteries verses the normal "AA" batteries. In addition to a very bight light when motion is detected, it also offers a dim nightlight level as a means of lighting an area before you step into the detection space.

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If you have been looking for a way to EASILY convert your existing outdoor floodlight to outdoor motion sensor light without the hassle of replacing the outdoor fixture, take a look at this device: Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor PAR38 Bulb

This bulb screws into a standard PAR38 fixture and adds a notification feature as well as remote control on your mobile phone

 If you add a Sengled Hub, you can receive these motion alerts on your Amazon Echo device. This will allow Alexa to announce the motion event and trigger other lights or devices.  

You need to leave the switch turned on at all times... see Switch Guards mentioned on this page

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Sengled LED bulbs are a low cost way to add indoor light automation. They will work without the Hub if you are using an Amazon Echo Show Generation 2 or an Amazon 

Echo Plus.

Using smart bulbs does away with the need to replace standard wall switches with smart switches...BUT you need to leave the switch turned on at all times... see Switch Guards mentioned on this page

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Switch Guards


While smart light bulbs remove  the need to replace normal wall switches with smart switches, the wall switch must be left on at all times for the automation to work.

These switch guards help you remember to not turn them off

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Automation Hubs


While there are MANY automation hubs on the market, Samsung SmartThings is a very popular device for several reasons. Firstly, its backed by a major company and supported by many product vendors.  It also has a very broad user base since it provides automation capabilities from the very simple to the very complex.

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