Vision enhancements


Challenge-Finding it harder to visually identify currency denominations


Solution: Microsoft Seeing AI app quickly scans currency and speaks their value. The app takes a picture of the currency and sends it to AI (Artificial Intelligence) servers to determine the value. 

How to get it: Apple IOS app store

How it works: Hold currency below iPhone camera lens 

YouTube video:

Challenge-Finding it harder to verbally invoke Amazon Alexa commands

 Solution: Use the "Tap to Alexa" feature in Amazon Echo Show

How to get it: Enable the feature in Alexa Accessibility on Echo Show

How it works: Provides a one-touch menu to access features such as watching a specific video or viewing a security camera

YouTube video:

Challenge-Finding it hard to follow a video when there are gaps with no actors speaking

Solution: Audio descriptions provided by some video services add a verbal narration when the actors are not speaking

How to get it: Currently available on some Netflix and Prime videos

How it works: A professional narrator speaks scene descriptions

YouTube video: