Ease of Use

Challenge- When your turn on your Smart TV you want TV!!

Solution: Change the the Amazon Fire TV Cube default setting from Fire TV when powering on to the cable or satellite TV you expected

How to get it: Using your Amazon Fire TV remote, perform these steps

* Click Home

* Scroll across and click Settings

* Scroll down and across and click Equipment Control

* Scroll downs and click Manage Equipment

* Scroll down and click Advanced Settings

* Scroll down and click Power On Input

* Scroll down and click on TV Default

* Click Home to exit

How it works: After performing the above steps, the next time you turn on your Fire TV Cube it will select the  Cable of Satellite receiver versus the normal Fire TV  Home Page

Challenge- Display Multiple Cameras on Fire TV

Solution: If you have been using your Amazon Fire TV to display a camera and wanted a way to display multiple cameras at a time... take a look at this solution

 You can display cameras using Alexa verbal commands on your Fire TV from Nest, Ring, Blink, and many others as a SINGLE camera. Currently there is no way to display MULTIPLE cameras at the same time.

How to get it: TinyCam is an Amazon Apps Store app that can display multiple cameras at the same time on your Fire TV. The TinyCam Pro app is available in the Amazon App Store for Fire TV and Fire Tablets. The free version is available only for Fire Tablets. The easiest way to install the app is to use your computer to order it and “deliver” it to your Fire TV or Fire Tablet.

Once installed and configured, you can display your multiple camera setup by saying “Alexa, launch Tiny Cam”

How it works: Although the app is capable of supporting many different brands of cameras, I am only using it with Nest and Wyze. There is no support for Ring or Blink and the Nest support is only 1 frame per second, usable but very slow