Automatic Closed Captions


Challenge- Closed captions are great, but it’s a hassle having to enable it for each video or series

Solution:   On the Amazon Fire TV, there is a feature to “Show Closed captions for videos when available”


How to get it:  Using your Amazon Fire TV remote, perform these steps

· Click Home

· Scroll across and click Settings

· Scroll down and across and click Accessibility

· Click on Closed Caption and be sure its “ON”

· Click Home to exit


How it works:   This feature currently works only Amazon Prime Videos. Please note that if you are playing a video and manually turn off closed captions, this feature will be disabled

Enhanced TV Sound


Challenge- Hearing the TV from your couch 6-8 feet away from the TV can be difficult... especially if you are living with someone with good hearing... stop blasting the TV!!

Solution: The TV Ears Wireless Speaker provides a speaker right near where you are sitting without turning up the TV too loud.  There is no need to wear a headset.

How to get it: Click this link        Discount coupon  (as of March 2019)

How it works: Connect the TV ears  transmitter to the audio out on your TV and plug in the power adapter

Place the TV Ears receiver on a side table near your seat and plug it into power.

There is not need to run any wires as its completely wireless... just turn it on. 

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